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Quirky neighbourhoods, a real castle and islands at your door: Toronto is anything but average. Explore Canada's largest city!

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Distillery District

Historic warehouses and trendy shops, bars and restaurants

Toronto’s answer to: “Where is the best place to go for a drink?” The Distillery District! This pedestrian area is filled with brick Victorian warehouses that have been transformed into restaurants, trendy cafés, art galleries and unique boutiques. No large chain stores here. Instead, you will find a beautiful sake brewery Izumi, popular French bistro Cluny and Blackbird Vintage Finds: a lovely antique store. And these are just a few of the gems.

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Toronto Island Park

The island life in downtown

Every metropolis has its large city park, but very few cities have one that consists of several islands. But Toronto does. Located in Lake Ontario, the Toronto Island Park is only a 15-minute scenic ferry ride from downtown and is formed by islands. Bridges with bike lanes and pedestrian pathways connect the islands. Centre Island even houses an amusement park (Centreville) with over thirty attractions. You can also rent a kayak to explore the islands, relax on one of the four sandy beaches and of course enjoy one of the most stunning views of the Toronto skyline.

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Casa Loma

Toronto's urban castle

The dream of business man Sir Henry Pellatt was to build a castle with a view of Toronto. And so that's what he did. Inspired by his European travels, he built the 98-room Casa Loma in the early 1900s. Today, the castle is open to visitors. Explore the high towers, the horse stables, secret corridors and the enormous wine cellar with more than 1800 bottles of wine. There is also an underground tunnel that connects the castle to the stables. To feel like a king of the castle, reserve a table in the Blueblood Steakhouse. Located inside the castle, the restaurant serves up a royal feast.

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    Kensington Market

    Hippie chic with international flair

    The former Jewish neighbourhood of Kensington Market is one of Toronto's most colourful areas. In the 1920s Jewish families plied their wares in stalls outside their homes. The market has grown a lot since then, both in size and diversity. Today, the name encompasses an entire neighbourhood. A quirky part of the city, Kensington Market is a laidback haven where you can soak up hippie culture and sample a variety of cuisines. Artists have also left a mark on the neighbourhood with their street art, including the popular Garden Car: a car wreck overgrown with lush plants.

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    EdgeWalk CN Tower

    A walk on the wild side

    Toronto's skyline is marked by the 553 metre high CN Tower. The viewpoint sits 350 metres above the city. Walk across a glass floor and look straight down into the plunging depth below. Not exciting enough? For an extra adrenaline boost, take the EdgeWalk: the highest handsfree walk in the world. Walk along the edge of the outer observation deck. Even securely clipped into a safety harness, it makes for a hair-raising thrill.

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