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Discover São Paulo

São Paulo has the fastest growing economy in South America, and is known as the ‘city of opportunities’ among Brazilians. It features countless skyscrapers as well as green parks and picturesque neighbourhoods with scores of restaurants, boutiques and bars. Fascinating street art adds to the city’s colourful character. Enjoy the beauty of São Paulo together with journalist Gustavo Abreu.

On the go with Gustavo Abreu
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Gustavo Abreu

Gustavo Abreu works as a journalist in São Paulo for one of Brazil’s largest news websites,, writing articles about culture, music, events and films. Gustavo has been enjoying the unique character of this dynamic city for 25 years, and compares it to living in Paris in the 1920s, London in the 1960s or New York in the 1980s. 


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