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In love with the Amazon

A resident of the Brazilian Amazon region, the Italian-Brazilian photographer Leonide Principe climbs trees to capture the most amazing images. His collection of Amazon photos is the largest in the world and shows the tremendous diversity in flora and fauna. Principe loves living in nature: “We live a simple life. The rainforest is my home.”

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Leonide Principe has been living in the Amazon with his wife and (now) three children for twenty years. He sells his photographs to magazines and newspapers, and has published two photographic books: Amazonian Emotions and Little Green Warrior. Leonide is currently working on his third book.

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    Principe started photographing from trees for a government project: “I was asked to make a series on orchids that grow high up in the trees. Climbing trees has been a fixed part of my photography process ever since. Way up high I can play with the light; light that never reaches the rainforest floor.”

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      To show the world a positive insight into the Amazon, Principe does not capture events such as deforestation and forest fires: “I have seen huge changes in the region in the past few years. Nevertheless I like to focus on the positive: The beauty and unique character of the Amazon.” 

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        To avoid missing special moments like these, Principe always carries his camera with him. “The parrots were in my sight for almost an hour. The most wonderful detail to me is the almost human emotions they express. This is a true romance”.


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