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Sydney’s ‘secret’ beaches

Sydney is known as one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the world. With more than 100 beaches to choose from, sunbathers may have a hard time deciding just where to spread their towel. Beaches such as Bondi, Bronte and Manly are world famous for their superb location. For those looking for a more exclusive beach experience, venture off the beaten track to explore some of Sydney`s ‘secret’ jewels.

Discover the secret beaches
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In a large city such as Sydney, remote bays offer a tranquil refuge from the busy city life. These beaches are often further away from the downtown area and protected by high cliffs or lush parks. It may require a bit more of an effort to find these gems, but it will be well worth it. The locals enjoy a refreshing morning swim and on weekends, Australian families flock to these beaches for a barbecue.

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Aboriginal art

After a day-long walk in nearby Royal National Park, reward yourself with a visit to Jibbon Beach. Tucked away behind the green hills of a large nature reserve, this small beach is a tranquil oasis in its midst. Jibbon Beach is not only great for diving and snorkelling, but is also known for the cultural heritage of the Aboriginal people. Follow the signs to view some of the most beautiful Aboriginal rock engravings in Sydney. The carvings display images of dolphins, whales, wallabies and more.

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Building sand castles

Shelly Beach is the baby sister of the adjacent well-known surf paradise of Manly Beach. This sandy beach is much quieter and more intimate. Large rocks protect the bay and the water is calm, shallow and gently warmed by the sun. Small children splash around or build sandcastles near the surf. Fun fact: for the best ocean view, visit the toilets on the top floor of the beach pavilion.

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Best view of the city

Milk Beach offers the most beautiful view of the Sydney skyline and a lovely view of Rose Bay. Visit this small beach to admire the famous Harbour Bridge in all its glory. The small bay is hidden behind the historic Strickland House in the suburb of Vaucluse. From here, follow the trail through the trees to the beach. Find a spot in the sand and watch the water-skiers zoom by or don a pair of fins and a snorkel and explore below the ocean surface.


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