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The ultimate Caribbean experience

Welcome to Curaçao!

Those who wish to escape the cold winter are more than welcome in Curaçao. The temperature on this sun-kissed island never drops below 20 °C. Our always cheerful local guide Cheraldine Osepa can’t wait to show you the island’s hidden gems. Discover the bright underwater world, white beaches, delicious local cuisine and friendly residents. Bon bini na Korsou!

On the go with Cheraldine Osepa
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Cheraldine Osepa

Cheraldine Osepa has been living in Curaçao her entire life and likes to call herself 'Yu di Korsou' (Child of Curaçao). She has been working in tourism for over 20 years and knows the island like no other. Pleasant temperatures, the warm sea, friendly people and delicious local cuisine – Cheraldine cannot imagine why she would ever want to leave this Caribbean paradise!


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