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Florida with a southern vibe

Dazzling white sand as soft as icing sugar, laid-back beach towns and the deep blue sea: on the border with Alabama lies the Florida Panhandle. With its deserted beaches, this part of the coast is also known as the Forgotten Coast. Join us on this road trip and discover Florida with a southern vibe. We love it!

Road trip through the Panhandle
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Experience the ‘old’ Florida

Just an hour’s drive from Tallahassee, the capital of Florida, lies the quiet fishing village of Carrabelle, the perfect place from which to start your road trip through the Panhandle. Here you get a taste of the old Florida: no high-rises or busy beach boulevards but picturesque harbours and wooden cottages. Visit the smallest police station in the world, housed in a phone booth. From Carrabelle board a boat tour to Dog Island, the island that time forgot. Cars are not allowed and on most days you will have the beaches practically all to yourself. It doesn’t get more peaceful than this.

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St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

Paradise for birdwatchers

Cape San Blas juts out from the Panhandle like a fishhook: this narrow peninsula is bathed by the Gulf of Mexico on one side and by St. Joseph Bay on the other. On the very tip lies the St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, a 20-km strip of magnificent beaches and a paradise for birdwatchers. Take the time to spot up to 240 different bird species. Can’t get enough of this combination of beach and natural beauty? Spend the night at the only campground on this peninsula.

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    Beach town or movie set?

    Impeccable pastel-coloured houses, perfectly landscaped lawns and shiny, happy people. It is hard to tell if Seaside is the perfect beach town or a movie set. The latter is not that farfetched as the film The Truman Show with Jim Carrey was shot in this small town. Get into a lazy rhythm and enjoy sun-drenched days on the white sandy beaches, followed by sultry evenings as you sip a cocktail and watch the sun go down. And the sunset is just as perfect as Seaside itself.

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    Beach town with a Spanish flair

    Conclude your road trip in the town of Pensacola in the western part of the Panhandle. This is where the Deep South and Florida meet. The town is just a few kilometres from the border with Alabama and oozes a relaxed 'southern mentality’. Founded 450 years ago by the Spaniards, Pensacola is now a fabulous beach destination. From the long pier, anglers fish for mahi mahi (dorado) or tarpon, the ultimate catch. And if you haven’t seen any dolphins yet, this is your chance! Several boat tours depart from Pensacola every day and an encounter with these friendly animals is pretty much guaranteed.

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