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Austria’s most laid-back city

Flamboyant Graz

Secret courtyards, splendid palazzos and lively patios: Graz, the capital of Styria, exudes a Mediterranean flair that is unique in Austria. Local David Zottler will show you around this brand-new KLM destination.

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Little Secrets - Graz
Little Secrets - Graz
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Discover Graz with David Zottler

The Graz clock tower on top of Schlossberg (Castle Hill) rises high above the city like a proud city guard. Far below, the mighty Mur River flows through the city centre where people pack dozens of patios, enjoying the good life. Graz has a surprisingly Mediterranean flair; this is Austria at its most laidback. The city is an architectural mix of Italian Renaissance and Baroque, classic Austrian gables and modern landmarks such as the futuristic Kunsthaus.

The old and the new walk hand in hand here. And that is one of the reasons why guide David Zottler loves to return to Graz, his birthplace and home town. For this video he took us on an amazing tour of the ancient city centre, the trendy Lend District and the sprawling vineyards just outside of town in southern Styria.

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Young and happening

After Vienna, Graz is the second largest city in Austria and the capital of Styria. Boasting eight universities and approximately 60,000 students, the city has a young and dynamic vibe. In the old part of the city you will find more than 50 hidden courtyards, while the Lend District offers great street art and unique art galleries.

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