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Magnificent Málaga

Sample sardines on the beach, stroll through the historic city centre and admire art from around the world: Málaga offers the perfect combination of a city trip and a relaxed beach holiday. We are pleased to bring you this brand new KLM destination.

Discover Málaga
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“Even in January people stroll along the beach boulevards enjoying the sunshine.”

Art, culture and culinary delights drenched in a delicious Mediterranean flavour: Málaga has it all. The city enjoys a year-round pleasant climate, and in winter the temperature rarely drops below 17 degrees Celsius. Even in January people stroll along the beach boulevards enjoying the sunshine. Málaga residents know how to live the good life. 

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Population: 567,000

Destination Malaga

We travelled ahead to check out this brand new destination for you. KLM flight attendant Margot Frank lives in Málaga and will show you the highlights of her city. Explore the Alcazaba, the Mercado Atarazanas and the Museo Picasso.

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Moorish city gates and Roman theatres

Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans and Moors: over the centuries Málaga has been populated by many different cultures and civilisations. The city’s rich history dates back to 800 BC. From Moorish city gates to a Roman theatre, Málaga is a melting pot of architectural styles. Climb up the Alcazaba, a Moorish fort, and visit the Castillo de Gibralfaro. This former fortress provides a stunning view over the city and Málaga’s harbour. 

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Combining art and beaches

Málaga is the cultural heart of Andalusia. The so-called ‘Mile of Art’ features several museums. The Mile runs along the coast so visitors can easily plan a museum visit followed by drinks on the beach. Housed in a former tobacco plant from 1920, the Colección del Museo Ruso operates in partnership with the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. Nearby, close to popular Malagueta Beach, you will find the Centre Pompidou Málaga, the only branch of the Parisian art institute outside of France.

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The crown jewel of the Málaga art scene is the Museo Picasso. The world-famous artist was born in Málaga. His birth home is located on the charming Plaza de la Merced, where you also find a statue of the painter. Inaugurated in 2003, the museum is still fairly new. The permanent exhibit mainly displays the private collection of the Picasso family and showcases works that have never been seen anywhere else before.

A must for every Picasso fan. 

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    Culinary experience

    Sardines on a stick

    Málaga’s culinary speciality is the espeto de sardinas, grilled sardines. You can sample these at every beachside restaurant. The fish are skewered onto a stick and grilled over an open fire. So sit back with your toes in the sand, order a cold drink and enjoy! The beach at El Palo is a great spot for trying this local dish. Here you will also find fish restaurant El Tintero. Don’t bother asking for the menu at this chiringuito (Spanish for beachside bar). Waiters walk around carrying trays of fish and call out their offerings. If you spot something you like, just flag them down and they will serve you a plateful. When the time comes to pay the bill, just add up all the empty plates. 

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