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The Nine Streets

Just a hop and a skip from Dam Square you will find De Negen Straatjes (The Nine Streets): the most charming shopping district in Amsterdam. Upcoming designers, vintage stores and small bistros make The Nine Streets a shopper’s paradise. We have selected the best spots for you. 

Let's shop!
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Let's shop!

Nine narrow side streets that connect the Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht: a micro-neighbourhood smack in the middle of Amsterdam’s monumental ring of canals. The 17th century (the Golden Age) was a period of unparalleled wealth in Amsterdam, stretching the city to its very limits. Urban expansion was much needed and the city’s signature ring of canals was built. This included The Nine Streets that quickly filled with merchants, culture and crafts. 

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Now, more than 400 years later, little has changed. This is still the place where you can find the most unique shops in Amsterdam. A trip to The Nine Streets will yield some guaranteed gems. See our suggestions for a day out in this shopping paradise. 

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PANCAKES Amsterdam

Traditional Dutch homemade pancakes

PANCAKES Amsterdam will provide you with a solid food foundation for the rest of the day. This cosy pancake house serves classic Dutch pancakes with cheese and bacon, or more adventurous combinations such as apple and calvados. Those who prefer a heartier fare can order the American pancakes. The queue outside probably says it all: these are the best pancakes in town. 

Berenstraat 38, Amsterdam

Amsterdam9Straatjes 04 Pancakes

Mint Mini Mall

Original lifestyle items

This may be the tiniest department store in the world, packed with goodies that you probably can’t wait to take home. From scarves, bags and dinner plates to home accessories: the Mint Mini Mall offers a diverse selection, making this the perfect shop to find a fun gift for someone else or just to treat yourself. Owner Suzanne has handpicked the entire collection of wares on display.

Runstraat 27, Amsterdam

Amsterdam9Straatjes 05 Mint Mini Mall

RUM Amsterdam

Timeless fashion classics

A little black dress, a must-have blazer, the perfect heels that go with anything: RUM Amsterdam sells timeless fashion that belongs in every woman’s wardrobe. High quality, great design and functionality are key words in this shop. You are unlikely to regret your purchase here. The collection includes both Dutch and Scandinavian brands and labels.

Huidenstraat 11, Amsterdam

Amsterdam9Straatjes 06 Rum

Concrete Matter

Concept store for men

Concrete Matter is the ultimate gift shop for men. This is the brainchild of Tim, Tomas and Jacob: three young Amsterdammers with a vision. All products for sale are sustainable, functional, but most importantly ultra-cool. From outdoor accessories such as pocket knives and axes to trendy jeans shirts and colourful tubes of shaving foam, it’s a one-stop shop for men. Perfect!

Gasthuismolensteeg 17, Amsterdam

Amsterdam9Straatjes 07 Concrete Matters


Cosy lunch

Cakes on display in the window, cute tables out front: Ree7 has a warm and friendly vibe. Inside, it feels like you’ve just sat down on your friend’s sofa. A friend who also happens to make a great lunch; try the delicious panini sandwiches, the lamb meat salad or freshly made pumpkin soup. And for dessert enjoy a slice of homemade apple pie. Too busy shopping to stop for lunch? Ree7 also sells take-away lunches.

Reestraat 7, Amsterdam

Amsterdam9Straatjes 08 Ree7

DR Wonen

Stylish home accessories

We believe that the Hartenstraat is the loveliest of all The Nine Streets. And in this picturesque street is where you find DR Wonen, a shop that sells everything those other home stores don’t. DR Wonen knows what it feels like to have a great home with your own style. This is the place to look for unique home accessories and edgy furniture!

Hartenstraat 27, Amsterdam

Amsterdam9Straatjes 09 Drwonen

Maria Tailor

Home-grown fashion

Maria Tailor has only been around for three years but she’s already made a name for herself in the world of fashion. Maria’s designs are for women who ‘are not afraid to showcase their own style’. The collections are quite distinct and unique. 

The shop’s clean interior design allows you to focus entirely on the spectacular collection. The designs exude luxury but are surprisingly affordable. 

Oude Spiegelstraat , Amsterdam

Amsterdam9Straatjes 10 Maria Tailor


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