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Summer is calling

Europe's best terraces

Summer is in full swing and that means patio time! But where do you find Europe's best terraces? We have selected three top contenders for you.

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Aloha Bar, Rotterdam

Enjoy the tropical vibe

Housed in a former sub-tropical swim paradise, the Aloha Bar in Rotterdam once offered water slides and a wave pool. Today, the former wild water slide has made room for a restaurant and the former pool area now features a spectacular terrace.

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With great views of the Rotterdam skyline and the refreshing breeze from the Maas river to keep you cool, this is one of the best terraces in town. Aloha also takes sustainability seriously. The bar purifies its own water, prepares zero-waste recipes and favours local and national ingredients.

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BRLO Brwhouse, Berlin

Unusual brewery housed in 38 ocean containers

In a city full of hotspots like Berlin, it's not easy to stand out. However, the BRLO Brwhouse manages effortlessly. Housed in 38 ocean containers in Park Gleisdreieck, the trendy urban brewery makes its own beer. The kitchen also serves a large menu so you will never go hungry on those long summer nights. In case you are wondering what BRLO stands for: it's the original Slavic name for the city of Berlin.

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Coppa Club, London

Cocktails with a view

A refreshing mockcocktail in hand and London at your feet: the Coppa Club is deservedly one of the hippest hot spots in town. Unwind in a cosy pod on the charming rooftop patio and take in the city views. This is a great destination even on a less than perfectly sunny day. It is London after all.

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