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Golden sand dunes and roaring seals

Towering sand dunes, vast deserts and a shimmering coastline: Welcome to Namibia, where wildlife, incredible nature and indigenous people await you. iFly KLM Magazine goes in search of the top five highlights of this beautiful African country.

The five highlights of Namibia

No. 5

Cape Cross: Thousands of seals

Cape Cross, situated roughly 114 km north of the lively resort of Swakopmund, is home to a massive colony of seals. During October in particular, when the mating season begins, the beach becomes a hive of activity.

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You’ll never forget the sight of thousands of roaring seals. Although these creatures are the most popular attraction in Cape Cross, it is also the place where Portuguese explorer Diego Cao became the first European to set foot onshore in 1485.

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No. 4

Historic Windhoek

Windhoek is the capital and cultural heart of Namibia. The city centre is a mixture of German colonial buildings and fresh, pastel-coloured, modern houses. 

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Visit the city’s oldest building, Alte Feste, or explore the Hofmeyer walking route. This trail passes through Klein Windhoek Valley and offers fantastic views of the city. In the evenings you can taste a variety of delicious African specialities in the local restaurants.

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    From above you can see elephants drinking at a waterhole and marvel at the rugged beauty of the Skeleton Coast. Back on the ground, explore nature by jeep and spend the night at an atmospheric lodge.

    No. 3

    Namibia from above

    The choice of safaris in Namibia is endless, but you are almost always restricted to land. Not so with a fly-in safari! Visit various parts of Namibia on a light aircraft and enjoy unprecedented views of the landscape.

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    No. 2

    Welcome to Kaokoland

    Trek to the rocky landscape of Kaokoland and meet the indigenous people. This is the natural habitat of the Himba, one of Namibia’s traditional tribes. See with your own eyes how simply these people live. 

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    But the Himba are not the only exceptional inhabitants of this region. If you are very lucky, you might spot a rare desert elephant. Kaokoland is also an ideal place to explore on foot surrounded by the beauty of nature.

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    From an apricot colour to dark red and bright orange, the dunes are at their most beautiful at sunrise and sunset. Spending the night under the star-filled sky is also an option.

    No. 1

    Namib Desert: Mountains of sand

    Have you always wanted to see a real desert? Then Namibia is the perfect destination for you. The Namib Desert is the oldest in the world. Here you will find literally mountains of sand, the highest on earth: the glowing Sossusvlei sand dunes.

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