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Stunning from every angle

Imagine soaring like a bird above the world famous Serengeti. Enjoy this experience in Tanzania with an unforgettable air safari in a hot-air balloon. This African country also teems with spectacular nature underwater and on land. Enjoy the sweeping landscapes, the bright colours and in particular the immense number of animals.

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On cloud nine

Floating over the savannah

Gazelles and wildebeest, rhinos and hippos, leopards and lions: Tanzania is so incredibly rich in wildlife that even an average Jeep safari will reveal an impressive number of animals. Yet there is an even better way to capture the grandeur of the landscape in one glance, or rather in one picture: from the air. 

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Soar in a hot-air balloon high above the Serengeti. The animals will be undisturbed as you float over the golden grassy savannah. The highlight? Watch how tens of thousands of wildebeest migrate across the savannah in a straight line.

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On the ground

Sleeping under the stars

A visit to the Ngorongoro Crater or Arusha National Park isn’t complete without a few nights of camping. Don’t even bother setting your alarm. In Tanzania you will wake up with the sounds of the savannah. No other type of accommodation will give you the unique feeling of being one with this vast wilderness. There is barely time to put the tent pegs into the ground before the first animals appear. At night the lions, kudus and baboons outside the tent put on a spectacular animal sound show.

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Below the surface

Wildlife under water

Although Tanzania is surrounded by the largest lakes in Africa, it’s the Indian Ocean in the east that will entice even the laziest landlubber to go for a swim. Underwater, the azure blue ocean offers at least 30 metres of visibility, absolute heaven for divers and snorkelers who can’t wait to have a look. 

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The Mnemba Atoll at Zanzibar is teeming with tropical fish and sea turtles. Between October and March, jump off your dhow – a traditional fishing boat – at Mafia Island and swim with the graceful whale sharks.

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