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Walking the world

Pack your hiking shoes and see the world in a whole new light. The most remote – and often most beautiful – places on earth can sometimes only be reached on foot. Soak up the local natural beauty and have the landscape all to yourself, far from noisy traffic and hordes of tourists. All laced up? We have selected three amazing walking destinations for you to explore.

Get ready to hike

Tour du Mont Blanc, Europe

Circling the giant

Even before the first climbers reached the top of Mont Blanc in 1786, the highest peak in the European Alps was already widely admired. But why risk a tough climb to the top if you can have the best views from the surrounding mountain passes? Whether you hike the Tour du Mont Blanc in France, Italy or Switzerland, the white giant always rises high above the horizon.

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Speed devils can complete the 170-kilometre walk in less than four days – but to take time to enjoy the alpine meadows, glaciers, mountain villages and magnificent peaks, allow at least a week for this hike.

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Roraima hike, Venezuela

World's highest table mountain

Have you seen the animated film Up? The artists who drew the exotic landscape were greatly inspired by Roraima. This 2,810-metre-high table mountain on the border of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana is almost three times as high as its famous brother in Cape Town. In terms of beauty the colossus also comes out on top. The giant mountain plateau can only be reached via a four-to-eight-day hike from Venezuela.

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Hiking and camping on top of this table mountain is an unforgettable experience – and so are the views from the pools that have been carved out by rainwater.

Mount Fuji and the Alps, Japan

High mountains, deep valleys

Climbing Mount Fuji, located not far from Tokyo, is the ultimate pilgrimage for the Japanese. These days more and more adventurous travellers are braving the dormant stratovolcano. The shortest climb to the 3,776-metre-high summit takes about five hours up and three hours down.

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Can’t get enough of beautiful vistas? The Japanese Alps are close-by, after which Tsurugidake, Tateyama and Yarigatake also await. Once the snow has melted, these mountain ridges offer miles and miles of walking pleasure through a bright green landscape, full of simple huts and breathtaking precipices.


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