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Adrenaline-filled adventures

Enjoy seeking out adventure on your travels? Always on the lookout for an extra thrill? iFly Magazine has found four extreme sports destinations where you can train to be the new James Bond - unique locations that will make your heart beat faster than ever. If you dare…



Jump from a helicopter

The province of British Columbia in Canada is a paradise for wintersports adventurers. The most famous ski resort is Whistler, which co-hosted the Winter Olympics in 2010 with Vancouver.

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Whistler has 200 pistes, 39 ski lifts and 33 square km of skiing action. If the black run seems a little tame, heli-skiing offers a high octane alternative. Grab your snowboard or skis, jump out of a helicopter above the remote Rocky Mountains and enjoy the finest powder snow and perfect solitude on your way back down to civilisation.

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Whale shark diving

White sandy beaches and turquoise water make Madagascar a hidden paradise. Dive right in to fully experience the true beauty of theIndian Ocean. 

The island of Nosy Be, just off the northern tip of Madagascar, offers uncharted dive areas with colourful tropical fish and pristine coral. As the marine life has yet to be scared away by tourists, you’ll encounter curious rays, dolphins and turtles beneath the surface. For a more challenging experience, visit the island in November and swim side by side with magnificent 10-metre whale sharks.

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New Zealand

4.5 kilometre fall

Australia is usually more associated with adventure than New Zealand, but this is not entirely justified. The kiwis have created the perfect destination for true adrenaline junkies. In particular the city of Wanaka.

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Jump from an airplane above Wanaka and experience one of the greatest moments of your life. Falling from an airplane at an altitude of 4.5km, the adrenaline is sure to be pumping through your veins. Your parachute opens after around ten seconds to leave you enthralled by stunning vistas over the Southern Alps, the sparkling Wanaka Lake and the wilderness of Mount Aspiring National Park. Views don’t come any better than this.

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Czech Republic

The rock of love

The Czech Republic is a paradise for nature lovers, with endless forests, nature reserves and mountains that harbour moose, bears and lynx. It is also the perfect place for climbers who want to go a step further than the rest. 

Climb the Peaks of Adršpach, a large city of rocks with a labyrinth of ravines, chasms and over 1,800 sandstone rock formations. The Milenki (Lovers) Rock is a definite must-climb, and the highest rock in the country at 100 metres. True daredevils can raise the bar even further by taking a rock jumping challenge.

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