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The sound of dripping water echoes all around you. A trail in between towering rock faces forms a narrow tunnel that leads to more jaw-dropping scenery. This is Zion National Park: the dream of every outdoor fan.

Discover Zion
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    Zion is epic: the park is a long string of challenges, surprises and breathtaking beauty. A new outdoor challenge can be found around every corner. The national park is located in the state of Utah in the western part of the United States, approximately two hours by car from Las Vegas. Most road-trippers zoom through in their rush to reach the Grand Canyon, but for outdoor adventurers this park is a must. It could even be the unexpected highlight of your road trip!

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    Not for couch potatoes: Angel's Landing

    Angel’s Landing is the jewel of Zion. This 8-km-long hike winds its way up a ridge and concludes on a narrow outcrop surrounded by breathtaking drop-offs. Walter's Wiggles is the most notorious part of the trail with 21 sharp switchbacks just before the top. A respectable climb, but nothing compared to the apotheosis: the extremely steep and narrow mountain ridge that leads to the summit of Angel’s Landing.

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    A series of chains allows you to hoist yourself up and provides some extra and much needed support on this dangerous but spectacular trail to the lookout.

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    Get your feet wet in The Narrows

    Wade through a river dwarfed by enormous cliff faces: The Narrows is one of the most spectacular and stunning treks in the world. The Riverside walk leading to The Narrows trail head is paved and accessible to all, but beyond that point the trek continues through the water. That's right, it's time to get your feet wet. The full hike through the gorge is 25 kilometres. Hikers must register at the visitor centre and only a limited number of permits are allocated each day, determined by a draw. Fit hikers can complete the 12 hour trail in one day, but we recommend taking your time and spending the night at one of the campsites in the canyon.

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    You don't need to complete the full hike to get a taste of the spectacular beauty of The Narrows. An hour and a half walk upstream takes you to the impressive canyon walls of Wall Street, one of the narrowest stretches of the gorge.

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    Abseiling and swimming in The Subway

    It makes sense that a park filled with canyons is the perfect destination for a challenging canyoneering adventure. The left branch of the North Creek, also known as The Subway, is the most popular canyon spot in Zion. Follow the top down route into the narrow canyons, wading through natural pools of cold water and making you way through a maze of tunnels.

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    The highlight of the tour is the Lower Subway, an oval pond where the canyon walls almost touch. Prime Instagram material!

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    To experience the beauty of The Subway without abseiling or swimming, take the bottom-up route. This trail leads into the canyon from the other side and you can turn around at Lower Subway.

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    Endless sandstone walls

    Zion's endless sandstone walls are world famous among mountain climbers. The entire park is almost entirely surrounded by several hundred metres of high steep rock faces that offer unlimited climbing opportunities. The most popular climb is the Moonlight Buttress, one of the highest sandstone walls in the world. The climb starts gradually, but then becomes an almost 200-metre-high vertical climb. Or how about tackling the longest free climb in the park, suggestively named The Big Lebowski?

    Spring and autumn are the best times for climbing Zion; avoid the blazing hot summers and colder winters.


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