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Aruba: One Happy Island

One Happy Island in the Caribbean


Shipwreck diving in Caribbean waters, hiking through beautiful nature parks and enjoying world cuisine full of exciting flavours: experience the ultimate holiday in Aruba. Join us on Aruba, One Happy Island.

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Culinary melting pot

Just like its population, the Aruban cuisine is a melting pot of different cultures, with influences from Spanish, Creole and South American descent. For a typical Aruban dish, try stoba, a goat’s meat and vegetable stew. Or go to one of the many restaurants that serve a delicious fish of the day and the tasty Soppi di pisca, fish soup prepared with coconut milk.

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The ocean is your playground

Aruba is the perfect watersport location. Around the island are various shipwrecks to dive to, surrounded by colourful parrotfish.

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And Aruba also has plenty to offer if you prefer more intense activities. The constant winds on the island ensure a refreshing breeze and ideal conditions for wind or kite surfing.

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Complete relaxation

Aruba is home to a wide range of spas that offer the ultimate relaxation. Enjoy a massage on the beach while the Caribbean winds cool you down or take a chocolate bath in the spa of a stylish five-star hotel. A soothing foot massage after a long day of hiking through Aruban nature is the perfect ending to the day.

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Back to nature

Explore the rugged, cactus-covered moon landscape of Aruba on a mountain bike, on foot or in a jeep. To see the island’s wildlife at its best, go to the Arikok nature reserve that covers 18 percent of the island. Visit the ancient settlements to see the rock drawings of the first inhabitants. With a bit of luck, you may see a stray donkey or bright green lizard.

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