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Our latest magazine edition

Our latest magazine edition

2020 is here! A new year, new energy and new travel inspiration! How about a trip to incomparable Panama or spectacular Harbin Ice Festival in China to kick off the new year?

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Winter fun in the Canadian Rockies

The picturesque town of Banff is located in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and is one of the best winter sports locations in Canada. From 15 to 26 January, the SnowDays event is organised here; a winter festival featuring ice sculptures, culinary events and ‘skijoring’, a combination of skiing and cowboy culture.
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Party in the Philippines

Ati-Atihan is the mother of all festivals in the Philippines, a colourful celebration held each year in the third week of January in Kalibo. For an entire week, the city is filled with explosive dance competitions, rhythmic music and extravagant costumes.
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Mozart Week

The sound of Mozart resounds through Salzburg during the annual Mozart Week. This city is the birthplace of the famous composer and celebrates the life and work of Mozart for an entire ten days – a must for everyone interested in classical music.
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Fire and vikings

Up Helly Aa is a festival held annually in various locations on the Shetland Islands. During this folk festival, the Nordic culture of the island inhabitants, descendants of the Vikings, is celebrated. The highlight is the night-time burning of a Viking longboat.
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  • Raw and headstrong Naples

  • Costa Rica. Live the Pura Vida!

  • Go green in Växjö

  • Classic Kyoto

  • Magical Mauritius

  • Flamboyant Graz

  • Eccentric Portland

  • The charm of Split

  • World-class pizza, jaw-dropping art and a mysterious historic centre. Exuberant, raw and headstrong, yet elegant, colourful and sophisticated: Naples is full of contrasts.
  • Endless stretches of white sand, dense cloud forests and locals who live without worries: what’s not to love about Costa Rica?
  • Between the endless forests and reflective lakes of southern Sweden, lies Växjö; the greenest city in Europe.
  • A city endowed with serene gardens and traditional tea houses, surrounded by modern fast-paced life. Welcome to Kyoto, Japan's spiritual heart.
  • Mauritius: the sun-drenched island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Almost 150 years ago, writer Mark Twain wrote that heaven was copied after Mauritius.
  • Secret courtyards, splendid palazzos and lively patios: Graz, the capital of Styria, exudes a Mediterranean flair that is unique in Austria.
  • With its booming foodie culture, miles of bike lanes and breathtaking green environment in and around the city, it's no wonder that Portland is one of the most beloved cities in the US.
  • The deep blue Adriatic Sea, countless islands that dot the coast, dramatic mountains and a picturesque, historic city centre: it’s easy to fall in love with Split.

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